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Non-Traditional Educational Activities By Subject

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

On days when I am burned out and tired of the boys complaining about "work", I tend to pull out this handy dandy list of activities I compiled a few years ago of non-traditional educational activities so I don't get frustrated by their lack of motivation. These are basically activities in which they will be learning indirectly or in a way that they don't necessarily feel like they are learning and doing "schoolwork". This list is dynamic so as I discover more I will update it. Feel free to come back or comment below with other activities I may have missed! MATH grocery shopping (making our family budget) writing a business plan and budget sorting groceries sorting clothes/doing laundry/matching socks setting the dinner table cooking dinner/following a recipe (We subscribe to Raddish kids so this part is easy) calculating meal price at a restaurant (BEFORE we actually go to some darn Chick-Fil-A) LANGUAGE ARTS grocery shopping (reading and cutting out the ads and coupons, writing our weekly grocery list) organizing and labeling cupboards and closets looking up contacts in a phonebook after they write a letter and prepare to mail it reading a menu at a restaurant (Because I am not ordering their food any longer) writing a play (Maybe about why life is a child is so hard😊) SOCIAL STUDIES navigating directions to and from home (If you want to go to Chick-Fil-A, you need to be able to read a map) identifying and visiting local landmarks SCIENCE planting a garden tending a garden observing animals and insects dissecting animals engineering ANY AGE APPROPRIATE SCIENCE EXPERIMENT ART tye dye bracelet making making paper airplanes painting coloring playing with sidewalk chalk designing a costume playing with makeup paint nite soap making MUSIC dance party writing a song critiquing song lyrics write a poem writing a rap bucket drumming drum class musical chairs PHYSICAL EDUCATION dance class obstacle course trampoline park climbzone laser tag ropes course swimming skateboarding rollerskating bike riding yoga baseball basketball tennis volleyball ANY SPORT!

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