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About Us

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Our vision is to transform learning and teaching by personalizing educational experiences to develop digital scholars that are prepared for the future.

Digital Scholars Consulting, LLC is a professional development, educational training and consulting company that aims to transform the teaching and learning experiences. We specialize in coaching, professional development, training, and long range technology transformation and integration planning for independent, public, private and non-traditional educational institutions and environments. 

Digital Scholars provides professional and expert advice and coaching on a variety of educational topics from a team of educators with over 50 years of combined experience. As former classroom educators, administrators and trainers with experiences in a wide variety of settings; from public to private to international, our expert team believes that learners, instructors, staff and related constituents thrive when instructional environments are engineered and designed to maximize engagement and potential, cultivate 21st century skills and meet the needs of various learning styles, abilities and needs. We believe in empowering all stakeholders, inspiring learners and helping learning institutions and communities create fulfilling experiences enabling learners to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities to succeed, enjoy learning and be prepared for future endeavors and projects. Our goal is to assist with the 3Ps: Planning, Preparation and Professional & Personal Development. Our company is dedicated to providing quality service and learning opportunities.

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