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A COVID Summer: Tips from a Homeschooling Family

A summer begins and the school year ends for many traditional schools and homeschooling families, many are wondering what to do to keep their child engaged during this "COVIDsummer" as I have affectionately begun calling it. With pools and camps closed, parks limited and playdates not advised, what are families to do!?

I know that my two boys (and even toddler) are starting to get tired of one another. However, today I pulled out my handy dandy summer schedule: The Loosli Learning Summer Academy. Loosli Learning is simply a phrase that means your child is engaged in activities that are fun while learning at the same time. It can also be used to describe a "loose" homeschool program. This is particular useful for parents who homeschool year round but want to "loosen the reigns" a bit in summer.

I actually read an article about it about 3 years ago and I cannot find the link anywhere. However, I created my own spin on it. Check out our schedule and sample activities below. I actually use a OneNote digital notebook to organize everything (Click HERE if you want to learn how to use OneNote for homeschool panning).

8:30-9:30CHORES, MEDITATION, PHYSICAL EXERCISEDo a physical activity as a family (This can be individual or do it as a group – ride bikes or scooters, play tag, go for a walk, play at the playground, jump rope, shoot hoops)9:30-10:00READING and WRITING15 MINUTES OF UNINTERRUPTED READING and WRITING Every year we do a summer club. We choose 3-5 books for the summer and complete fun related activities. They can also write stories, poems, letters to family and friends or write in their gratitude journal. 10:00-10:30MATH30 MINUTES OF MATH Math Workbook, Khan Academy, or iPad Apps10:30-12:00p.m.FAMILY SUMMER ACTIVITYI want summer to be fun and my boys thrive with hands-on activities. We try to do as many fieldtrips and hands-on projects as possible. I have a 3 month schedule of activities and trips. MAKE IT MONDAY-crafts, robots, etc. TAKE A TRIP TUESDAY (This was done virtually due to COVID this year.) WET WEDNESDAY-water fun (pool or splash pad) THINKING THURSDAY-Conduct a science experiment FRIEND/FUN FRIDAY- book club discussion, virtual hangout or chat, digital escape room, coding robots 12:00-1:00LUNCHCooking around the world (We make a lunch based on the country we learned about this week.)1:00-4:00INDEPENDENT FUN TIMECoffee Break language time – 15 minute lessons, play a board game, paint or draw, ride bikes, etc.

Summer should be fun and it doesn't have to stop because of COVID. You can have fun, be safe and learn something new. I hope this helps you think of ways to keep your child engaged and if you need help, feel free to reach out!

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