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Are you ready to save your sanity and enjoy a joyful, learning experience with your child(ren)?

Ready to see smiling faces, hear laughter and engage in rich conversations?


Book a single consultation session now! We will spend one hour discovering your needs and making a plan for you to start your homeschooling journey asap. You will also receive a personalized homeschool schedule and planner for YOUR family.


If you'd like to cultivate a trusting, coaching relationship and start your homeschool year stress-free, don't wait! Book the LT3 Gold Package now where you get:


  • 3 one-on-one sessions ($375 value),

  • 3 workshops ($150 value), and

  • 3 digital resources in downloadable pdf formats ($75 value)

  • 1 digital homeschool classroom set-up and training in Google or Microsoft Teams ($150 value) tailored to meet your homeschool needs. 

Online Class

Digital Course



Online Class

LT3 Starter Package



Business Consultation

Single Consultation



Online Class

LT3 Gold Package



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